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Video Demos Showing Features of MathTalk™
Demo Name Features Video
Example 1
Fractions, Integers, Variables
Example 2
Fractions, Integers, Variables
Algebra Quadratic Formula Example
Entering quadratic formula with a
single voice command
Defining a=, b=, c=
Inserting those variables into the formula
Trigonometry Use of MathTalk’s Trig Commands
Calculus Use of MathTalk’s Calculus Commands
Statistics Calculating A Standard Normal Probability
Adding Text to MathTalk™ Voicing text in math work
Graphing Graphing by Voice!
Solve, Evaluate, Simplify Use of MathTalk's Commands
Replace Command Replace Item in an Equation
Math Expressions Single MathTalk Commands Creating Math Expresions
Math to Braille MathTalk creating math in ScientificNotebook Opening that math in Duxbury Braille Translator Translating that math into Braille using Dragon
Quick Reference Laminate Showing Quick Reference Laminate Included with MathTalk
Training MathTalk™ Showing Use of TWO Recommended MathTalk Training Materials
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