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General Information


To disable the Dragon Dictation Box for all unsupported applications:
  1. From the DragonBar, select Tools>Options. The Options dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Miscellaneous tab.
  3. Deselect Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications.
  4. Click OK.


For shipments Sept 19, 2916 thru Sept 23, 2016:

Correction (see bolded portion below...change to 6b) for MathTalk Install Instructions for MathTalk for Dragon 12 & 13 and DPI 14 & 15:

The DragonBar is the menu bar with "NaturallySpeaking" written on it and a microphone
Setting 6b is REQUIRED for Dragon & DPI. Other Dragon & DPI settings are OPTIONAL!



If having difficulty viewing demos on the MathTalk video CD, click Tools on the CD, and select tscc.exe to load player.

Then you shall be able to both hear and see the MathTalk videos.



MathTalk and Chrome are not compatible. Chrome 'claims' the {alt+d} keys that MathTalk requires for accessing the DragonBar in training MathTalk commands.



If receiving this error message when opening MathTalk:


MathTalk icon is in the bottom tray (means MT is already open).

To remedy: Close the MathTalk icon in the bottom tray (right click on the icon and click 'close').

Then, be sure Dragon is open and either say 'start mathtalk' (with the Dragon microphone on) of double click the MathTalk icon.


If receiving this error message when opening MathTalk:

      • Dragon not open when trying to double click on MathTalk from Desktop. Or Dragon User Profile may be corrupt.



To 'turn off' evaluate, solve, etc., make this setting in ScientificNotebook

       Tools, Computation Setup, Engine Selection and select None.


Dragon 13 Users

*Setup Dragon User Profile using the following.


      Imperative for Dragon 13 in Windows 8:  select the DEFAULT  in DISPLAY SETTINGS

 Opening Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 for the first time…


The New DragonBar

      If you run the cursor over it, it expands…


Click the word ‘DragonBar’ for options to expand: 

     New DragonBar

     Classic DragonBar

     Tray Icon Only


     Exit Dragon


* For MathTalk, change the DragonBar to Classic DragonBar.

*Make the change by keystrokes

OR say, ‘Switch to DragonBar’, ‘DragonBar’, then ‘Classic DragonBar’.


Dragon 12 users:

      *Remedy for Dragon Dictation Box voluntarily appearing...

In the Dragon Bar, go to Tools, Options, Miscellaneous, uncheck 'Use Dictation Box for Unsupported Applications".

Click Apply, OK. 

You shall still be able to say 'show dictation box' whenever you wish.


We are no longer supporting MathTalk on Vista.

Dragon 12 Users

*Setup Draogn User Profile using the following...Dragon will run faster!

*For users of MathTalk/ScientificNotebook 5.5 (MTSN) with Dragon 11:

  The following FlashPaper will allow you to use MTSN with Dragon 12.

  1. Follow the math program installation and configuration instructions very carefully.
  2. Tech support is via email at
  3. For excellent speech recognition, you must speak distinctly and say each and every syllable of each and every word in the command. Say the commands as one word. You cannot mumble or cut short pronunciation.
  4. Teach the program to understand you!! Usually,training a misrecognition is all that is needed.
  5. For maximum efficiency, you should have only the speech engine and the math program active - no other programs.
  6. Learn only what you need ! You need Pre-Algebra - do the Pre-Algebra Learning Module. There are also Learning Modules for Algebra, Trig, Calculus and Statistics.
  7. We recommend that you disable any virus software. In some instances, they may interfere with MathTalk/Scientific Notebook/Naturally Speaking.
Do not minimize the Dragon voice bar for MathTalk.
MathTalk will not open with another MathTalk application already running (i.e. MathTalk icon will be in bottom tray).
You will get an error message if you try to restart MathTalk AND have not closed an already opened MathTalk. That already opened MathTalk icon shows in the bottom tray.  To close MathTalk, click the icon and either say "exit MathTalk" or click the Button.
If loading the MathTalk portion on a Tablet PC, you may get "..invalid serial #" and not be able to load MathTalk.
Assuming that you have already loaded both Dragon and ScientificNotebook on the Tablet PC:
1. Load the MathTalk portion on another computer (a computer other than the Tablet PC):
2. Copy the MathTalk folder in C drive & paste that MathTalk folder in C drive on the Tablet PC.
3. Copy the MathTalk.exe file from this MathTalk folder & paste the MathTalk.exe on the Tablet PC desktop.
4. Continuing referring to MathTalk/ScientificNotebook Install Instructions beginning at "IV. Configure NaturallySpeaking and Copy Scinoteb...."
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